Influx Webinar System Tutorial

How To Create A Webinar
Influx Webinar System

Step 1:
Find and select “Influx Webinar” from your Influx Entrepreneur Dashboard then click on “Create A New Webinar”.

Please refer to the screen shot below for details: 

Webinar System WP

Creating A New Webinar On
Influx Webinar System

Step 2:
On the “Create New Webinar” page, enter your, Webinar Name, Webinar Type, Webinar Title, Webinar Host(s), Event Date, Event Time, and the Event Time-zone then click on the red tab that says “Create New Webinar”.

Please refer to the screen shot below for details:

You Are On Your Way with
Influx Webinar System

Bravo! You have completed the first 2 steps of getting started on the Influx Webinar System, we can now move on to the “Dashboard Webinar Settings” in my next WordPress Influx Entrepreneur tutorial guide. But before we do, let me just take a minute to ask this question, “do agree with that the first 2 steps of creating a webinar using your Influx Entrepreneur System website is easy right?” Of course it is! Join me in my next Influx Webinar System tutorial post to learn step-by-step, how to set-up your webinar on the “Dashboard“.

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