Influx Webinar System Design Tutorial

Influx Webinar System Design
Choosing A Design

Step 1:
Choose a front end theme (design) out of any one of the Three (3) provided on the Influx Webinar System “Design/Template“. I usually go with the first one but it’s entirely up to you to pick one that you are most comfortable with then move on to step 2.  

Please refer to the Influx Webinar System “Design/Template” screen shot below for reference:

Webinar System WP

Step 2:
Save and Update.

Note: Always remember to save and update any changes made on the Influx Webinar System when creating your webinar(s).

Influx Webinar System Style

This is for the landing page – Registration Page and for the Thank You Page styles on the Influx Webinar System “Design/Template” page. Further in my tutorial guide, you will see exactly how the design will be displayed. Choosing which front-end theme you want and what webinar theme you want are not hard as people making it out to be. Influx Webinar System has made everything easy for you when hosting a webinar. Join me in my next Influx Webinar System tutorial post to learn step-by-step, how to set-up the “Registration Page” of your webinar.

Press For Registration Page Tutorial!

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