How To Cancel Your Instant Customer Account

Steps To Cancel Your Account With Instant Customer

I’m not sure about anyone else, but I had a long time trying to figure out how to cancel my Instant Customer Account. I remember seeing the message stating that I can cancel my service at any-time, but I somehow ignored it since I didn’t find it relevant (at the time) – This was showed in the beginning when I was creating the 1 month free trial Instant Customer Account. Thought Instant Customer offers a great service and is effective as the name states, it wasn’t suiting me because I have other alternative ways of getting the same service done, without the monthly payment commitment. Therefore, it was only necessary for me to cancel my account with Instant Customer before getting billed for a service I was hardly using. Listed below, are the steps to take when cancelling your Instant Customer Account:

Step 1.

Login your Instant Customer Account

Login Instant CustomerStep 2.

Click on “Need Help?” located at your bottom right hand corner of your screen.

Instant Customer HelpStep 3.

Click on “Submit a ticket”.

Instant Customer Submit A TicketStep 4.

Search for “cancel” as being demonstrated below:

Instant Customer CancelStep 5.

On the “Help Desk Page” – You’re going to find a lot of results for “Cancel”. Go to, “How do I cancel my account?” – You can either select, “FAQ” or “Account & Points Information”. I clicked on, “FAQ”.

Instant Customer Cancel 1Step 6.

The image below, is the page I was sent to, after selecting “FAQ”.

Instant Customer FAQStep 7.

Send an email, “requesting that you want your account to be cancelled” – See snap shot below:

Instant Customer Cancel Account

Note: Before sending the email, have your information ready such as: Your Instant Customer Account information and the email to request for cancellation, has to be sent from the email that you used, when signing up for the Instant Customer Account.

Confirmation Email From Instant Customer 

After cancelling your Instant Customer Account, you will receive an automated email that will later followed by a, “Confirmation Email from Instant Customer”, which basically states that your account has been cancelled. See the snap shot below, as it relates to a question I was asked by Instant Customer in the same, “Confirmation Email”:

Confirmation Email Instant Customer

Because I was satisfied with the Instant Customer Service received, I clicked on, “Good, I’m Satisfied” – After that, I then received a pop-up notification that my account has been cancelled.

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