Happy Birthday Hector Guerrero


Happy Birthday Hector Guerrero

Happy Birthday To: Hector Guerrero

Hector Guerrero

I would like to take this opportunity to wish my mentor, Mr. Hector Guerrero a Happy Birthday and many more to come. He is such an inspiration to me and I look up to him with a lot of respect and trust. This man earned this special birthday gift/wish because, he has helped me so much and continue to help and support me as an Entrepreneur, to be a successful online marketer just has he is. In the 2 months that I have known Hector Guerrero, he as been nothing but a tutor and mentor to me and many others on his Influx Entrepreneur Team. I am grateful to have met him and to be apart of his Network Marketing Team. I have no regrets whatsoever, being talked into becoming an Entrepreneur by my up-line and a very dear friend of mine, Craig, also known as Craigyshao. The 2 month journey has been fun and getting to be even more fun, seeing and experiencing why Hector Guerrero is so passionate about online business and how easy it is to make money online. I have said many happy birthday wishes before but this is by far, one of my craziest. I said craziest or see it as being one of my craziest because, 2 months ago, I had no idea what blogging was, let alone believe that it was possible to make money online. Now here I am, a happy blogger wishing Hector Guerrero, the person I literally challenged on the first day of meeting him about matters concerning the same, online business.

The Person Behind Hector Guerrero

This is one out of his many videos that I have stumbled across on Youtube, that had me thinking hmm, there is another side (not relating to online business) to Hector Guerrero?. He is not just passionate about Influx Entrepreneur or anything to do with internet business, he is also a family man who cares deeply for his love ones including his animals.

Do not be afraid to take the tour with Hector Guerrero, I promise that you will be blown away by how focused and great of leader he is. His words are golden and powerful, he is also not the kind of person to sugarcoat anything. One of his most famous line is, “Teach What You Know, Not What You Heard!” and if you should meet him, that would probably be, the first thing that he might say to you. He is a firm believer of, “learning something now, do it right away and teach it forward”.

Hector Guerrero Rocks!!!

Happy Birthday from the Influx Entrepreneur Team:
May all your plans and wishes for this day and all other days, come through. You are a phenomenal leader, a great role model, and an overall, AMAZING PERSON!

***He deserved this birthday shout-out because even though today is his birthday, We are am almost certain that he is busy working hard in the back-end of Influx Entrepreneur, updating the platform as usual and making sure everything is being run smoothly. Here is a birthday note for Hector Guerrero:

  • On this special day, may you be filled with laughter, joy, peace and more success in whatever you do, going forward. Hoping also, that you have a truly marvellous and joyous day with your family and friends. AND, take a break (on this day at-least) from working so hard, go party hard – Cause It’s YOUR day! Happy Birthday Hector Guerrero -:)Hector Guerrero Gift CardHectore Gift Card

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