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How To Add Facebook Fanpage
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I once had this same question and problem that some of you are having. This was an ongoing question in my head for roughly around 2 weeks. It never bothered me much since my Facebook Fanpage was already set-up for me on my website. A very close friend of mine wanted to know how did I get my Facebook Fanpage on my WordPress Influx Entrepreneur Website (we share the same platform). I tried many ways to help him and one of which was comparing my site to his. I eventually figured it out and to my surprise it is easy to do and I am going to show you how in this WordPress Influx Entrepreneur Blog Post.

Note: A Facebook Fanpage can not be added to your website if you do not have one created along with a Facebook API ID.

Step 1:
Log into your Facebook Account

Step 2:
Go to,

Step 3:
From your Facebook Developers Page, find and select “Social Plugins“.

Facebook FanpageStep 4:
Click on “Get Started”


Note: My search for the “Like Box” came up as:
Step 5:
Click on “Like Button” located under “Social Plugins.Facebook

Step 6:
Add your Facebook Fanpage Name for example (where you see I added mine using “X’s“highlighted in yellow. The perfect with size would be 250 (I added the 250 and highlighted it in yellow for demonstration). Make sure all the settings are in place, for example, Layout, Action Type, Show Friends Faces and Include Share Button – Then  Click to “Get Code“.

Note: My search for “iFrame Code” came up as:


Step 7:
Firstly, your Facebook Fanpage name should be showing where I crossed mine out beside App ID because that is the Facebook Fanpage that you will show on your WordPress Blog website. Copy the codes because your are going to paste them under “Text” on your website.

Step 8:
Go to, “Appearance” on your WordPress Dashboard and under appearance you will find widgets.


Step 9:
Click on Widgets and inside of widgets, you will find “Text” or maybe you have yours as, “Text: Let’s connect to a Facebook“. Click on the drop down arrow then paste the codes in the text area.


Note: In Step 8 and Step 9, I used my Influx Entrepreneur Website as an example. 

Step 10:
Save it and then go to a new tab for your website and your Facebook Fanpage should now be showing on your WordPress Blog.

I hope this information was helpful and you now know how to add your Facebook Fanpage to your WordPress Blog!

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